Swimming and Canyoning in the Gorges of Pays Diois

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Swimming and Canyoning in the Gorges of Pays Diois

Carved over millennia and true treasures of nature, the gorges of Pays Diois are an absolute must-see during your stay; offering swimming and canyoning.

For the more daring seeking adventure, canyoning under the guidance of a certified guide will provide you with thrilling experiences and access to secret spots with lush vegetation!

Various providers offer diverse routes suitable for the whole family and all skill levels:

Drôme Aventure Leisure Base
🚗: 15 minutes by car from the campsite

In the mountains
🚗: 30 minutes by car from the campsite

For those who prefer a more leisurely swim, there are numerous spots to discover in the Oule and Roanne valleys. Here you’ll find open-air pools that are out of this world! Refreshing breaks in wild and authentic valleys shaped over time.

Swimming and canyoning will be part of your vacation in the Pays Diois, at Le Couriou campsite. Don’t forget your water shoes 😉

And for even more personalized advice and spots that are a little less well known to the general public, don’t hesitate to come and chat with our team at reception. We’re always happy to give you tips and tricks to make the most of your stay!